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Customer Stories

Learn how some of our 30,000+ users across 100+ countries use Fulcrum to transform the way they work.

Creating a damage-assessment program in 24 hours with Fulcrum

“We could do something like this with our existing GIS platform, but we just don’t have the luxury of time to deploy such an application during this emergency period. But with Fulcrum, it’s ready to go out of the box.”
Thanaphat “Pat” Srisukwatana, Public Works and Planning IT Manager
Fresno County Public Works and Planning

Evaluating environmental issues using geologic mapping

Fulcrum allows me to carry a topographic map, LiDAR derived terrain, high-resolution imagery, previously collected field data, a notebook, camera, inclinometer, and a GNSS/GLONASS enabled GPS within a single device that’s tied to the cloud.

Green Mountain College

Preventing deforestation and protecting natural resources

We can have field teams on the phone talking to us whilst the data they are discussing is popping up on our screen back at base. This allows us to operate dynamically with field staff as opposed to the old way of getting data in, analyzing it then informing them days later on what is required.


Clearing landmines in countries recovering from conflict

The simplicity of setting up Fulcrum apps and exporting and analyzing the results means HALO has been able to conduct one-off studies such as a recent survey to assess the effectiveness of risk education campaigns, which would previously have been too resource-intensive.

HALO Trust

Creating an organization-wide culture of quality

"Fulcrum's capabilities greatly increase our confidence that we are providing our customers with a quality product and a great experience."
Aaron Vanover, Manager of QC / QA
Halton Company

Monitoring natural resources to ensure long-term sustainability

The ease of setup and use of the apps were - and still are - the most attractive features of Fulcrum. There are so many great features that let us adapt every app for the specific monitoring protocol as well as personal preferences.


Using Fulcrum to connect the homeless with available resources

"What immediately attracted me to it was the ease of it and the user friendliness of it [Fulcrum]. It takes less than half an hour, then all of our interns are also able to enter their own data."
Megan Smith, Outreach Program Manager
House of Hope

Collecting data on light pollution to protect wildlife on the Florida coast

With no steep learning curve, the IDA crew collected field data and geo-tagging records within minutes using the Fulcrum app, and then managed and exported this data into a variety of formats.

International Dark Sky Association

Fulcrum delivers on-site visibility in remote areas all over the world for client MSI

“Fulcrum is our go-to because we don’t have to worry about the technology. We know that it will work. We can just worry about everything else.”
Tim Shifflett, Deputy Director of Client Solutions
MSI, A Tetra Tech Company
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