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Customer Stories

Learn how some of our 30,000+ users across 100+ countries use Fulcrum to transform the way they work.

Using Fulcrum to help government councils manage their assets and track maintenance teams on the ground

"We save a lot of time not having to go back and do data entry on the desktop after a long day in the field. And along with time-saving is cost-saving."
Louis Pienaar, Senior Manager of Infrastructure Asset Management
Mubesko Africa

Helping citizens get access to clean water in Sierra Leone

Even our staff that do not own smartphones or have never used a computer could easily operate the software. In addition, with Fulcrum you can view data by location, on a map. This is a significant advantage working in less developed regions where mapping of areas is dated and inaccurate.


Performing electrical distribution inspections and mapping with Fulcrum

The introduction of the iPads to the field inspectors has had a dramatic impact on the business. Inspectors can plan their routes better with a map representation of all pillars to be inspected. We're now able to visit all pillars in a patrol. Missed pillars are a thing of the past which has improved the overall safety, and we're doing more work with fewer people.


Using Fulcrum to collect field data in the Hawaiian Islands

“One of the big themes in science is reproducibility and being able to rigorously analyze your data and for other people to be able to repeat your analyses. Fulcrum facilitated that for us in a major way."
Erik Andersen, Principal Investigator
Northwestern University Department of Molecular Bioscience

Organizing large-scale gas infrastructure and leak detection inspections

Fulcrum is revolutionizing the way we conduct damage prevention and leak detection. All of our field technicians are equipped with mobile devices capable of retrieving and submitting critical information for a more streamlined workflow that not only saves time and money, but provides more accurate results that are easily accessible to decision makers.

Premier Utility Services

Inspecting power poles and managing line issues for utilities customers

We have always found Fulcrum staff to be responsive to our ideas for improvement and requests for support, when the need arises. Quite simply, we couldn't be happier with Fulcrum. It is an indispensable part of our company.

RAM Utilities

Protecting homes and infrastructure from wildfire with real-time data

"Time saving in the middle of an emergency situation is huge. In terms of speed and reliability and being able to work offline, Fulcrum has everything that helps us do our job more efficiently. In time savings alone, it pays for itself."
Adam Prell, Operations Manager
Redzone Software

Conducting hydrant inventories to aid in civil engineering municipal works

We were able to deliver all of the information to the client via a user-friendly interface that allowed decision makers to view hydrant locations, attributes, and digital photos all from one program.

Rodriguez Consulting

Conducting defensible space inspections to protect life and property from wildfires

“It really made it so maybe you were able to do three inspections a day and now you can do 20 inspections a day. A lot of that just comes from the simplification of the inspection form and the default auto-population. It really saved a lot of time for the inspectors out in the field.”
Matt Marsh, GIS Analyst
Santa Barbara County Fire Department
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