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Fulcrum introduces Fulcrum Connect integrations program to integrate the field with the back office

Fulcrum Connect integrations library maximizes the value of data collected in the field by extending it to enterprise systems, business processes and analytics tools

August 31, 2021 — St. Petersburg, FL — Fulcrum today announced the creation of a formal integrations library aimed at connecting customer field data and operations with enterprise business processes and analytics programs that drive digital transformation. This new initiative ensures that Fulcrum can snap into customer applications or data environments to streamline processes that start with inspections and field operations, thereby increasing customer return on Fulcrum investment.

Fulcrum Connect provides many ways to send inspection information directly from Fulcrum to data and applications using a range of best-practice methods—from small, ad hoc data-oriented requirements to large, enterprise-class process integrations. The Fulcrum Connect program harnesses the value of all of these methods and demonstrates Fulcrum’s commitment to future investment in world-class integration capabilities.

The initial Fulcrum Connect library is launching with direct support for more than 40 applications and data sources and the capability to swiftly add many others, via a variety of integration methods such as:

  • One-click integration with Esri™ ArcGIS Online™ enables customers to bring real-time Fulcrum data into AGOL as a layer using Feature Services
  • KML and GeoJSON facilitate easy real-time integration with other GIS platforms, such as QGIS and CARTO
  • Shared views enable apps to get real-time information from a web service in spreadsheet, JSON, and other formats
  • Fulcrum workflows support the use of webhooks to push Fulcrum data to many applications, conditionally, on an event-by-event basis
  • Direct application-to-application integration is available directly from Fulcrum or through Zapier
  • Fulcrum records can be created or updated by uploading a spreadsheet — or including shapefiles for direct GIS integration

“We’ve invested heavily over the years in meeting customer requirements for integration between Fulcrum and their existing applications and data sources to optimize field operations and make data collected to the field available as part of a broader set of enterprise business requirements,” said Jim Grady, CEO Fulcrum.  “The launch of Fulcrum Connect formalizes these ongoing efforts and reaffirms our commitment to customers who need to harness inspection data from the field for strategic business reasons.”

For more information about Fulcrum Connect, visit fulcrumapp.com/fulcrum-connect.

About Fulcrum

Fulcrum’s mission is to improve the way field teams work by streamlining inspection processes to ensure safer, higher quality, and compliant outcomes.  We are committed to empowering field teams every day with our no-code field inspections management platform that removes dependency on IT by allowing non-developers to build location-aware applications in minutes and hours rather than weeks and months.  The result is a data driven approach to managing field inspection teams that improves team performance, keeps infrastructure projects on track, ensures existing infrastructure/service availability, and eliminates regulatory compliance headaches.  For more information visit www.fulcrumapp.com.

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