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Fulcrum Connect

Get more value from your inspection data by sharing it across people, processes, and systems.

Fulcrum has powerful and varied ways to connect the field with the office, integrating all of your data sources and applications – from small, ad hoc requirements to large, enterprise-class process integrations.

Maximize your data’s value
Show more people the value of your work by sharing Fulcrum data across organizational boundaries.
Optimize operations
Deliver the data that other systems need to improve planning, reporting, remediation, and more.
Analyze faster
Use valuable Fulcrum data for reporting and analysis that bridges organizational and system boundaries.
Move to real-time
Using inspection data before it ages can ensure better oversight and improve operational efficiency.
Choose your method
Decide what's optimal for each use case: no-code workflows, webhooks, shared views, APIs, or other methods.
Get started fast
Get started instantly with the right data, whether in spreadsheets for sharing or specific computer formats.

Every inspection you perform and SOP you follow creates data that you can share across your organization – and beyond

When you integrate your valuable inspection data into other applications, data warehouses, and GIS platforms, it becomes available to make your business better. Even share it with your clients! You’ll see:

  • Customer service interactions improve
  • Resource allocations become more efficient
  • Remediations and other actions occur more quickly
  • Teams are empowered with complete information
  • The field and the office become better connected

Choose from easy-to-use options for non-coders and IT alike

Fulcrum makes it easy to send inspection information directly from Fulcrum to other applications.

  • One-click integration with Esri™ ArcGIS Online™ enables you to bring real-time Fulcrum data into AGOL as a layer using Feature Services
  • KML and GeoJSON enable easy real-time integration with other GIS platforms, such as QGIS and CARTO
  • Shared views enable your apps to get real-time information from a web service in spreadsheet, JSON, and other formats
  • Fulcrum workflows enable you to use webhooks to push Fulcrum data to many applications, conditionally, on an event-by-event basis
  • Direct application-to-application integration is available directly from Fulcrum or through Zapier
  • Create or update records in Fulcrum by uploading a spreadsheet — or include shapefiles for direct GIS integration

Fulcrum Connect harnesses the value of all of these methods into a single program that shows our commitment to future investment in world-class integration capabilities. We will continue to develop new, easy ways to integrate Fulcrum with the applications that drive your business forward.