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Office health and safety audit checklist

Download this free PDF checklist to ensure a safe working environment.

An office health and safety audit checklist is a tool that helps in performing external and internal office audits to ensure the health and safety of the working environment. It helps evaluate the official health system’s reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness. It ensures that the organization complies with OSHA regulations and standards to prevent any workplace injuries, fatalities, or incidents.

This page will discuss:

  • Office health and safety audit form requirements
  • The purpose of the office health and safety audit form
  • Benefits of using the office health and safety audit form app

What are the requirements of an office health and safety audit checklist?

An office health and safety checklist is a critical component to ensure an organization’s health and safety system’s compliance with standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It is a systematic, formal, and documented review of workspace practices, procedures, and systems, including training, general housekeeping, chemical and electrical safety and more.

Who uses an office health and safety audit form and why?

Health and safety assurance personnel, office managers, and business owners can use an office health and safety checklist to ensure their workplace is compliant with workplace health and safety (WHS) management systems and OSHA regulations. It includes all the health and safety measures that an organization takes to protect the health and safety of their employees.

Why use an office health and safety audit app?

An office health and safety audit app streamlines the auditing process and makes it easy for the inspector and stakeholders to identify any workplace hazards. The inspector can attach photos directly to the inspection using the app and send reports directly from on-site to safety managers, supervisors, business owners, and other interested parties. Audit records are stored securely in the cloud to where they can be accessed from anywhere to provide documentation that a workplace is compliant with OSHA standards.

Download the checklist

What is Fulcrum?

Organizations worldwide trust Fulcrum’s SaaS-based data collection platform to capture and share reliable information about field activities, much faster than paper or other digital solutions. Standardized, easily customized, and well-integrated data collection delivers improved clarity for decision-making and better productivity for lower costs.

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Easily adapt to changing requirements with drag-and-drop app modification, full customization and extension capabilities, customizable reporting and alerting.
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Jim Metz - speeds things up, adhering to safety sop

Jim Metz

Vice President of Safety
FM Sylvan
Fulcrum speeds things up. It was almost instantaneous. It allows accountability for people running the job to see what their guys are doing to make sure they’re adhering to safety policies.
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Aaron Vanover - catch more issues

Aaron Vanover

Manager of Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Halton Company
Using Fulcrum, Halton Company’s quality control team provides richer, better documented support, enabling them to catch more issues.
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Daniel Stepner - easy to use, customer service

Daniel Stepner

Senior Consultant
I have used many programs for field asset inspections. Fulcrum has been the easiest to set up, use in the field, and update. The service provided by the Fulcrum team has been top-rate.
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James Watts - safety once you close the loop from action to insight

James Watts

Director of Health and Safety
Snavely Forest Products and Weekes Forest Products
Fulcrum helps us improve processes and make our work environment safer by streamlining inspections, surfacing inspection-related insights, and managing follow-up actions. Once you close the loop from action to insight to further action, the possibilities are limitless.
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Gavin Kelley - training period short, same data whether junior/senior collector

Gavin Kelley

Senior Software Developer
Tilson Tech
It is so easy to use that our training period is greatly shortened. Data quality is very important to us so it can’t be overly complicated. We still get the same data quality regardless if it is a junior or senior data collector.
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