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GIS Field Data Collection

Empower your field teams with location-aware field data collection processes and get higher-quality data in real-time for your GIS.

Fulcrum GIS mobile data collection maps

Fulcrum GIS lines and polygons demo video

Watch this five-minute GIS lines and polygons demo video to discover how Fulcrum’s advanced geospatial features can revolutionize your field-based data collection efforts.

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5 reasons you have dirty data in your GIS

Are your analyses being slowed down by incomplete or inaccurate data making its way into your GIS tools? Here’s why, and how to fix it.

Screenshot of Fulcrum GIS field data collection software on PC monitor, tablet and mobile phone

Leading the way in GIS field data collection software

GIS software serves as a powerful tool, capturing, storing, and interpreting geographic data. GIS technology bridges the gap between locations, boundaries, and intricate details within a geospatial framework. Yet, the question arises – what’s the next step? Enter Fulcrum, industry-leading field data collection software that gives context to the geospatial content, expanding the use case of GIS data.

Four approaches to creating location-aware apps

To do their jobs effectively, today’s field workforces need location-aware apps: apps that connect what’s happening — inspection data that’s being collected, or steps in a checklist that someone is checking off — with where it’s happening, or that provide users with maps to understand the location context of what they’re doing.

Notes from the field: Location-aware inspections made easy

Two experienced geospatial pros discuss the challenges and lessons learned over their GIS careers.

Since field inspections require sharp eyes, high-quality data collection, and location information, they’ve always required a complex stew of technologies to support them.

Fulcrum for field inspection management

With Fulcrum, anyone can automate inspection processes in minutes with seamless, end-to-end workflows that enable consistent, measurable, and repeatable processes.
Colin Diehl - It’s hard to overstate the significance of this increased efficiency

Colin Diehl

CEO and Co-Founder
It’s hard to overstate the significance of this increased efficiency. We’re seeing time savings of between two and five hours per day, per employee. The cost reduction associated with that time reduction is enormous.
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Juston Iborg - A crew of two people can do it all at once using Fulcrum

Juston Iborg

Director of Business Development
Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc.
Rather than sending 100 people a year to do different inspections and tasks at the same site, a crew of two people can do it all at once using Fulcrum.
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Before Fulcrum, two full-time employees plus a contractor were needed to perform 45 inspections a day. With Fulcrum, that rate increased to 60 inspections a day with only the two employees, eliminating the need (and expense) of an outside contractor.
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Matt Marsh - 3 inspections, now 20 field ops

Matt Marsh

GIS Analyst
Santa Barbara County Fire Department
Before we were able to do three inspections a day and now we can do 20 inspections a day. A lot of that just comes from the simplification of the inspection form and the default auto-population. I think it really saved a lot of time for the inspectors out in the field.
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