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Optimize your GIS program with location data collected automatically

Empower your field teams with location-aware field inspection processes and get higher-quality data in real time for your GIS.

Looking to support your field team with location data and gather more location intelligence to fuel these insights? Fulcrum field inspection management platform does both, automatically and in real-time.

GIS asset management

Prevent losses by using field inspection software for GIS asset management

For companies in sectors like construction, as well as in field-oriented industries like telecom and utilities, the scope and complexity of in-house and field operations mean they’re often just squeaking by: for example, construction general contractors average a mere 4% profit margin (versus an average of 15.5% across all industries). In addition, keeping costs contained […]


5 reasons you have dirty data in your GIS

Are your analyses being slowed down by incomplete or inaccurate data making its way into your GIS tools? Here’s why, and how to fix it.

Four approaches to creating location-aware apps

To do their jobs effectively, today’s field workforces need location-aware apps: apps that connect what’s happening — inspection data that’s being collected, or steps in a checklist that someone is checking off — with where it’s happening, or that provide users with maps to understand the location context of what they’re doing. Because of the […]

Notes from the field: Location-aware inspections made easy

Two experienced geospatial pros discuss the challenges and lessons learned over their GIS careers. Since field inspections require sharp eyes, high-quality data collection, and location information, they’ve always required a complex stew of technologies to support them. Field inspections demand skills and technologies that go well beyond standardized checklists, including an understanding of geospatial information […]

Fulcrum for field inspection management

With Fulcrum, anyone can automate inspection processes in minutes with seamless, end-to-end workflows that enable consistent, measurable, and repeatable processes.

Trusted by more than 2,500 companies and 30,000 users in 100+ countries

Tim Shifflett - go to don't have to worry

Tim Shifflett

Deputy Director of Client Solutions
MSI, A Tetra Tech Company
Fulcrum is our go-to because we don’t have to worry about the technology. We know that it will work. We can just worry about everything else.
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Thanaphat “Pat”  Srisukwatana - export data from existing GIS, use data in GIS

Thanaphat “Pat” Srisukwatana

Public Works and Planning IT Manager
County of Fresno, California
We are able to get more value from our previous software investment by exporting the data captured in Fulcrum to our existing GIS application. So now we just maintain one data set in Fulcrum, and we can ingest that data live through our existing GIS platform.
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