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Construction & Civil Engineering with Fulcrum

Harness the power of the best digital data collection platform for the web, iOS, and Android. Fulcrum allows you to rapidly build and deploy customizable surveys and forms to your team in the field - conducting surveys, inventories, and assessments faster than ever before with Fulcrum.

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  • Degenkolb
  • Barger
  • Brown and Caldwell
  • CHA
  • Citelum
  • Tetra Tech
  • Methuen
  • Mott Macdonald
  • Technip

Powerful Features to Make Your Job Easier

  • Easy Safety Management.

    Issues shared in real-time. Give management the analytics to make smart decisions. Identify safety concerns before they are a problem.

  • Cover all your bases.

    The reliable data collection and reporting in Fulcrum is the best way to ensure every aspect of the project falls within proper code requirements.

  • Easily capture the details.

    The photo field in Fulcrum allows visual evidence to both support and in some cases replace text input during data collection.

  • Don't tell it, show it.

    The SpatialVideo feature in Fulcrum allows for detailed walkthroughs of specific areas of concern for project managers.

How Can Fulcrum Help You?

After giving Fulcrum a try, many companies in the construction industry increased their rate of productivity while decreasing the man-power required to execute projects in the field. Take a look at few examples and you’ll get a feel for how Fulcrum is making a big impact for companies just like yours.

Reduce Time Required For Post-Processing Field Data

Fulcrum has allowed Degenkolb's engineers to collect data faster, minimizing the disruption to sensitive hospital departments. The time required for post-processing data has also been reduced, as photos are now easily linked to the database. Multiple engineers are able to populate a common database in real-time, creating better data to satisfy customers and get the job done right.

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Decrease Costs and Increase Efficiency

Using Fulcrum, Brown and Caldwell located and inspected over 60,000 manholes for their customer. They estimated it needed almost 30 percent fewer hours to manage and QA their data using Fulcrum compared to the previous all-paper method. The use of Fulcrum has translated to lower costs for their customer as well as accelerated delivery schedules.

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header photo: “Wooden Roof Structure” by Riisipuuro is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0