Streamline safety and inspection workflows with digitized telecommunications field inspection management.

Increase efficiency

Speed up installations, maintenance, and make-ready operations with offline mapping and data collection.

Prioritize safety

Deploy step-by-step checklists to to communicate safety protocols and ensure your teams consistently follow OSHA standards.

Track your teams and assets

Collect and share geotagged data to verify the location and condition of your technicians, vehicles, and equipment. Integrate seamlessly with ArcGIS™ for even richer location intelligence.

Streamline environmental compliance while collecting data

Get the most out of field inspections with easy-to-use checklists, team-wide issues, task management, and fully customizable environmental inspection processes that can be built in minutes.

Maximize your field time. Drive intelligent automation for inspection teams

Streamline inspection processes on Day 1 with easily configurable workflows, task templates, safety, and quality process validation via an out-of-the-box issue management framework for environmental needs.

Enable data-driven decisions with reporting and analytics

Promote organization-wide improvement using actionable insights from real-time reports, performance dashboards, and location-aware analytics.
Our field technicians are spending less and less time in the office. They spend it more on field tasks, rather than office tasks.
Jeff Whitman
Celerity Integrated Services, Inc.
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Data-driven safety, quality and maintenance inspection management

Industry research firm Paradoxes' research report is packed with data that will help you understand inspection-related challenges across multiple industries.

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