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Featured Field Data
Collection & Low-Code Apps

Select from fully customizable templates designed to help you streamline data collection, automate workflows, and boost efficiency.

Agricultural Survey App

Easily collect detailed information about crops grown, crop yields, and much more with our Agricultural Survey app - Take photos, document locations & more

Bee Hive Inspection Log

Keep an inventory of your bee hive locations and their condition with this Bee Hive Inspection Log app.

Crop Scouting Form

Know the conditions of your crop growth using this form - identify the insects damaging your crops and observe any disease symptom impacting your fields.

Field Inspection Report

Conduct field inspections to verify seed origin, record the field's cropping history, check freedom from all impurities, and more.

Harvest Declaration Form

Keep a detailed record of your harvest using this form - know the how much was harvested, warehoused, retained for seed, or sold each season.

Herbicide Application (Apples)

Keep detailed records on your mobile device about which herbicides have been applied to your apple orchard or crop.

Irrigation Control Monitoring Log

Regularly monitor irrigation control equipment for issues and repairs — track location, issues, repairs needed, and photos of problems

Irrigation Equipment Maintenance Inspection

Log and document maintenance on irrigation equipment.

Liquid Fertilizer Application Calculations

Calculate how much liquid fertilizer you need to apply to deliver some number of pounds of Nitrogen to a field.

Orchard Log Report

Have your field workers report your orchard progress remotely. Log Pests and Diseases at the source of the problem before they become a problem.

Pest Monitoring Log

Take control of pest management in your day-to-day agricultural practices by maintaining an accurate log of pest trap locations and trap inspections.

Pesticide Application (Apples)

Keep detailed records from your mobile device on which pesticides and treatments have been applied to your orchard or crop

Pesticide Application App

Track the application of pesticide used in landscaping services easily with our Pesticide Application app - Plot points, note pesticides, dates, and more

Pesticide Tracking App

Track locations of pesticide use & data about crops with our Pesticide Tracking app - Track applications, plot GPS points, take photos, and more!

Plant Survey Form

Conduct plant surveys to know what plants are growing in your fields -- gather GPS coordinates of both the plants and your site, capture photos, and more.

Rain Gauge Monitoring Log

Monitor rain gauge readings, locations, and more using this log to observe droughts and precipitation in areas reliant on agriculture.

Soil Sampling App

Record surface and deep soil samples using this app to inform crop selection, fertilization systems, landscaping decisions, and more.

Spray Records

Keep detailed records of locations of sprays, amount, date and time of application, and then calculate cost per acre.

USDA Good Agricultural Practices Farm Review Audit App

Conduct periodic farm reviews based on USDA's review standards using a customizable and mobile auditing solution.

Vineyard Drip Irrigation System Startup

Make sure your vineyard drip irrigation system is going to operate as your expect it to, follow these steps before the irrigation season arrives.

Water Sample Testing Form

Provide a way to get water samples testing form filled out remotely. Expedite the time it takes to record the sample # and provide results from the lab.

Well Inspection Checklist

Conduct a thorough inspection of your well system to ensure well water quality, well yield, problems in well parts/components, and more.