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Featured Field Data
Collection & Low-Code Apps

Select from fully customizable templates designed to help you streamline data collection, automate workflows, and boost efficiency.

ASSP Confined Spaces Entry Permit

A confined spaces entry permit app based on the ANSI/ASSP Z117.1-2022 standard.

Compressed Gas Inspection Checklist

Conduct routine inspections on compressed gas cylinders - Ensure they are protected from damage and stored properly to control possible hazards.

Daily plant checklist

Conduct a daily plant inspection to ensure safe working conditions for all your staff and proper operation and maintenance of all plant functions.

Daily Temperature Log Checklist

Conduct daily audits of temperatures in your food processing environment to prevent potential liability and ensure safe handling processes.

Equipment Inventory App

Take inventory of physical equipment and track the location of hard assets with our Equipment Inventory app - Fully customizable and easy to use!

Equipment Inventory Form

Track costly tools and heavy equipment on job sites with this equipment inventory form app — track location, conditions, missing equipment, and more

Forklift Operator’s Daily Checklist

Run through this forklift operator's daily checklist to ensure your electric or gas/LPG forklift is functioning properly to avoid injury and accidents.

Hazard Reporting App

Get everyone at your organization to report hazardous conditions in the workplace. Make safety a priority throughout your operation and reduce accidents.

Job Hazard Analysis App

Use this customizable app template to conduct a job hazard analysis at any type of worksite.

Job Safety Analysis Template

Use this template to conduct job safety analysis or job hazard analysis on any Android or iOS device to protect employees and your business.

Project Risk Assessment App Template

Use this template to identify hazardous activities with the potential to cause harm in the workplace.

Safety Observation App Template

Use this template to report unsafe behavior or conditions on a job site, or to recognize an employee who is following safety protocols.

Safety Site Inspection Checklist App

Make sure your job site is OSHA compliant and keep your workers out of harm's way with this Site Safety Inspection Checklist App.

Spill Response Preparedness Checklist

Complete this checklist to ensure you have all the materials needed after a spill incident and verify all safety measures have been covered.

Toolbox Talks

Keep a record of toolbox talk topics, discussion notes, and attendees with our customizable Toolbox Talk App.

Wash Station Inspection Checklist

Conduct safety inspections for the emergency wash stations at your construction site to ensure they are safe to use in case of accidental hazards.

Weekly Fire Pump Inspection Checklist

Conduct weekly inspections of fire pump to ensure a safe and proper operation of the fire protection system.

Welding Safety Inspection Checklist

Welding is a common yet dangerous process that requires precautions to be taken - Ensure the safety of the welder and the work environment using this app.