Our friends at DroneDeploy are hosting a great webinar this week (August 16, 11am PDT/2pm EDT), a primer in getting started using drone data for construction projects. Construction job sites are one of the best environments where drones can make a difference in getting better information from the field.

On the webinar, three panelists will cover the basics of using drones for safety and inspection procedures. Job site safety is paramount in keeping staff injury free, and using drones for inspections saves enormous time and effort in regularly scheduled observations of cell towers, utility lines, commercial roofs, and more. Integrating the overhead perspective from drone imagery analysis with tools like Fulcrum gives both the sky and ground perspective of all things on the job site.

Construction site

Join in to hear the panel, including Fulcrum partner The Sequel Group:

Register for their webinar today to reserve your seat! It’s on Wednesday, August 16, 11am pacific / 2pm eastern.

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