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The Fulcrum Focus

Stay in the know with thought leadership, product updates, and latest news on field inspection and data collection topics.

Save lives (and time and money) with safety management software

Delivering projects on time and within budget is no easy feat, requiring laser focus on a wide range of issues, from quality inspections to asset management, process execution to safety measures.  Unfortunately, safety is too often framed as a burden around which companies are tempted to cut corners to save time and money. While safety […]

Using data to nurture a culture of quality in the field

Whether critical installations or safety inspections, field teams perform a wide range of essential functions for many companies. By the nature of their work, however, field teams risk being isolated from not just the main office, but from the very processes which produce quality work. When field teams fall behind a quality curve, potential rework and […]

Fulcrum for Data Collection: Part III – Government

For the last installment of Fulcrum for Data Collection, we explore the stories of some of our government clients – enjoy! ‍Fresno County, California – After the Creek Fire in September 2020 burned almost 400,000 acres in California, Fresno County sprang into action to quickly assess the damage to share with FEMA and speed the […]

Use platform features – not product categories – to choose the best field operations solution

So you’re looking to do some field inspections, field ops, field data collection, field audits, field inventories, or collecting any  information in the field, and are sick of walking around with a tattered notebook and an on again-off again quasi-working pen. Your team has talked it over, and it’s time to make the jump to […]

Prevent losses by using field inspection software for GIS asset management

For companies in sectors like construction, as well as in field-oriented industries like telecom and utilities, the scope and complexity of in-house and field operations mean they’re often just squeaking by: for example, construction general contractors average a mere 4% profit margin (versus an average of 15.5% across all industries). In addition, keeping costs contained […]

How Fulcrum field inspection software helps Santa’s away team – Elves on the Shelf

Most of us have heard of Santa’s omniscience in knowing and grading children’s behavior on a simple pass/fail (bad/good) scale. But in the past few years, there’s been an exciting new development in the whole “Naughty/Nice List” tradition in the form of mass market Elves on the Shelf (shown below being all smug and judgmental). […]

Better security and lower risk through SCIM

Centralized provisioning of Fulcrum now available Fulcrum continues to pursue platform developments supporting not only our users responsible for field inspections, but also the IT teams responsible for making sure they have the right inspection tools in hand to do their jobs. We’re pleased to announce that we’re able to do both things with our […]

Fulcrum for Data Collection: Part II – Non-profits

Welcome to the second of our series of stories around clients using Fulcrum to perform data collection in the field. For Part 2, we have non-profit organizations that use Fulcrum’s data collection forms in the field for charitable pursuits. Desert Channels Queensland (DCQ) – DCQ is a community-based nonprofit that does projects to improve water […]

Location intelligence for smarter field inspections

You may know that Fulcrum is the only field inspection platform that automatically delivers location information with every inspection, every data point, every task, and every issue. But how does Fulcrum’s geolocation capability play out over different titles and job functions? We’ve explored just that in our new infographic, Location Intelligence for Smarter Field Inspections. […]

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