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The new Fulcrum website is reporting for inspection

By Jim Grady, CEO
March 8, 2023

If you’ve visited the Fulcrum website recently, you’ve probably noticed our updated look. In addition to new animations and graphics, we’ve also streamlined how the site works, allowing visitors to easily navigate the site to quickly find what they’re seeking. 

New website features

Probably the biggest change is in how we’ve streamlined the customer journey to suit individual industries, roles, and use cases. We’ve made each of these pages a one-stop shop for relevant material, thought leadership pieces, and best practice shares to make each website visit more intuitive and productive. 

For example, an electrical utility team leader can open the Utilities industries tab, and discover exactly how Fulcrum field inspection management provides solutions, such as how to improve crew safety, or reduce the threat of wildfires. The visitor will be directed to a success story from our amazing client, TREKK Design Group, along with other resources that are directly applicable to concerns of utility companies. And this is all on one page, without ever having to crawl the site, looking for relevant information.

We have the same experience in place for Use Cases (OHS and Data Collection, to name a couple) as well as Roles (GIS, Safety, Quality, and Field Operations). On each page, there is specific information as to the challenges faced by each role or use case, along with resources to show how the Fulcrum solution can help. 

Finally, we’re excited to introduce two new “overlap” categories – Construction Safety and Construction Quality – that reflect Fulcrum’s deep commitment to the construction industry.

We spent a lot of time thinking through the changes to our website to make it easier to navigate, and more fun to explore. We hope you’ll take a moment to have a few clicks around – and share it with a colleague!