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How to work 30% more efficiently

February 12, 2018

We know that companies save time, money, and resources when they start using Fulcrum for field data collection.

How do we know? First of all, because we are Fulcrum users, too!

Secondly, because we hear it all the time.

Much of what we hear from our customers is anecdotal, however ― so we thought it might be helpful to drill down into some actual numbers.

Our customers say again and again that they see an average of 30% time savings when they start using our platform.

And as we all know: time is money.

Since we aren’t privy to the financial information of our users (and if we were, we certainly wouldn’t share it!), let’s create a hypothetical company ― say, an environmental engineering firm ― and use that 30% metric.

According to Glassdoor.com, the average civil engineer makes more than $68,000 annually. So let’s say an engineer at your company is making $32 per hour, and he or she is using the top-tier Fulcrum plan (which costs $25 per month).

What would that look like?

  • Hourly salary: $32
  • Potential weekly time savings: 12 hours (30% of a 40-hour workweek)
  • Potential weekly savings: $384
  • Potential yearly savings: $19,968
  • Yearly Fulcrum subscription for one user: $300
  • Return: $19,698

That’s with just one Fulcrum user.

Now let’s say your firm has 10 users on the top-tier plan:

  • 10 hourly salaries: $320
  • Potential weekly time savings: 120 hours
  • Potential weekly savings: $3,840
  • Potential yearly savings: $199,680
  • Yearly Fulcrum subscription for 10 users: $3,000
  • Return: $196,680

That’s a 6,456% return on investment (ROI) in one year.

Put another way: Fulcrum paid for itself in one week!

And that’s not taking into account money saved on resources (e.g., paper, gas, wear and tear on your fleet vehicles), data-entry errors, and other paperwork-related headaches.

Now you know why our customers love Fulcrum!

Of course, this is a hypothetical company ― different users see different results, depending on their industry, number of users, and how they use the platform. But, as we mentioned, 30% is a number we hear a lot.

What could you do with 30% more time?

Sign up for a FREE trial of Fulcrum today and find out!