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Improved Workflow for Inviting Members

February 6, 2020

As we continue updating old workflows, modernizing platform components, and building out growth capacity, we are excited to announce that we’ve made some major improvements to the process of inviting new members to your Fulcrum organization. Our goal was to make it easier to add new members, simplify permissioning, and improve security.

Adding New Members

We consolidated several old pages into two views, one for inputting the new members’ information and the other to validate and confirm the changes. Everything has also been moved into a modal, so you never have to leave the Members page.

Add Members Dialog
Add Members Dialog

Simplifying Permissions

We are now using the new permission selectors to make it easier to select a common set of permissions for all members being added.

Improved Security

We’ve removed the ability to set a password on behalf of a new user as well as the option for auto-generating passwords. This means all new members will be sent an invitation email with a link to set their password and an optional note from the member inviting them.

Member Invitation Email
Member Invitation Email

Coming Soon!

Our next update will include the ability to import your member list in CSV format, making it even easier to invite your entire team to your Fulcrum organization!