CARTO is a fantastic service that provides intuitive, web-based tools for GIS and mapping. Like Fulcrum, CARTO harnesses the power of PostGIS for spatial data processing. Where Fulcrum excels at mobile data collection and management, CARTO excels at dynamic data visualization and mapping. We’ve just published a CARTO webhooks guide on how you can use Fulcrum webhooks for collecting and updating your data in the field and displaying it in realtime using CARTO.

Fulcrum Push To CARTO

A fairly simple PHP script can be used as a webhook endpoint to intercept Fulcrum record changes and send create, update, and delete queries to your table via the CARTO SQL API. Fulcrum changes are pushed instantly, so your CARTO visualizations reflect updates automatically as they occur in the field.

The ability to push Fulcrum data to external services like CARTO really opens up tremendous opportunities for our users. Fulcrum is a fully customizable data collection tool that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, databases, and workflow. We’d love to hear the innovative ways you are using webhooks, so take a moment and send us a Tweet!

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