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What is Fulcrum and How Does it Work? (Video)

October 23, 2019

Fulcrum gives you the power to turn your paper forms into fully customized mobile apps for conducting inspections, assessments, surveys and more in the field — all without writing a single line of code.

Want to see how it works? Watch this short video!

What is Fulcrum and How Does it Work? (Video)


Welcome to Fulcrum, a powerful, versatile mobile field data collection solution.

With Fulcrum, you can complete field assessments, inspections, surveys, checklists and more directly on your phone or tablet and leave the pens, paper, and clipboards back at the office.

The Fulcrum platform utilizes both your desktop or laptop computer and your mobile device, so if you haven’t done so already, be sure to download the free Fulcrum app to your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play or App Store.

With Fulcrum, you can build custom forms for collecting field data using your desktop computer and deploy them to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, which you’ll use to gather data in the field.

You can even take geotagged photos, video, and audio recordings, collect signatures, and scan barcodes, whether you’re connected to the internet or not.

Once you’ve collected your records, simply sync your data to the cloud, where it can be accessed instantly from the Fulcrum dashboard on your desktop or laptop computer. From here, you can view, analyze, and export your data into CSV files, PDFs, or even into your existing systems.

We recommend building an app or downloading one of our pre-made app templates and start collecting data right away to get a feel for our platform and decide if it’s the right tool for you. Watch the next video to learn how to build your first app.

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