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Customer Stories

Learn how some of our 50,000+ users across 100+ countries use Fulcrum to transform the way they work.

Brown and Caldwell: From legacy methods to digital transformation

"Comparing our pre-Fulcrum days to now, we’ve seen a 30 percent reduction in data QA and management time."
Sean Kilpatrick, Senior Principal Engineer
Brown and Caldwell

Creating large-scale asset inspection, management, and auditing tools

Fulcrum is far more than just a mobile data collection platform. It has become a core component of the services provided by our Geospatial Technologies (GIS) team. The ability to access Fulcrum from external software/web-based solutions allows us to build enterprise-level tools to fulfill our clients’ asset management, mapping, and reporting requirements.

Century Engineering

Collecting data on structural integrity for seismic protection and compliance

Fulcrum has allowed Degenkolb's engineers to collect data faster, minimizing the disruption to sensitive hospital departments. Using classification sets tailored to the specifics of building layout has allowed engineers to minimize typing on mobile device, and made for more consistent results.

Degenkolb Engineers

Reducing incidents and improving safety reporting with Fulcrum

"It was almost instantaneous. It allows accountability for people running the job to see what their guys are doing to make sure they’re adhering to safety policies."
Jim Metz, VP of Safety
FM Sylvan

Consulting on major electrical, environmental, and transportation infrastructure projects

Fulcrum provided the SMEC team with an all-in-one mobile solution with a wide range of features that go far beyond simple data collection. So far, SMEC has created over 95 custom apps in Fulcrum to collect over 20,000 assets for dozens of projects within South Africa.


TREKK Design Group, LLC: Innovative water utility inspections using Fulcrum, GIS and 3D imaging

“The Fulcrum/Esri integration is a game changer for our organization. It will dramatically improve current operations while also opening many additional use cases for TREKK and our clients.”
Jared Carey, Innovation Specialist
TREKK Design Group, LLC

Eliminating errors, rework, and downtime with Fulcrum

"I definitely notice more responsiveness from my employees. They are more efficient on their reporting. Reports are fresh and provide more detailed information. I don't miss any reports like I did in the past and I don't have to chase people down later. Fulcrum certainly saves more time."
Chris Bacchi, Vice President
Trimat Testing