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Included in All Plans

  • App and Form Builder
    Custom App BuilderEasy drag-and-drop app builder in a browser.
  • Offline Data Collection
    Offline CollectionCollect and view data fully disconnected.
  • Available for iOS and Android
    iOS and AndroidPowerful features on both platforms.
  • Team Collaboration
    Team CollaborationEmployees & Clients up-to-date in real-time.
  • Easy Web Management
    Web ManagementManage apps, data, and workflow in a browser.
  • Essentials Icon

    $18 per user, per month when paid annually

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    • Photo Capturecheck icon
    • Calculation Fieldcheck icon
    • Data Importercheck icon
    • Custom Online & Offline Mapscheck icon
    • Media Storage10 GB
    • Export FormatsAll
    • Data PublishingN / A
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  • Standard Icon

    $22 per user, per month when paid annually

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    • Parent-Child Recordscheck icon
    • Signature Capturecheck icon
    • Data Sharescheck icon
    • Access to Developer APIcheck icon
    • Media Storage20 GB
    • Export FormatsAll
    • Data Publishing3 links
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  • Professional Icon

    $25 per user, per month when paid annually

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    • Barcode & QR Code Scanningcheck icon
    • Webhooks & Data Eventscheck icon
    • Record Linkingcheck icon
    • Geotagged Video & Audio Capturecheck icon
    • Media Storage30 GB
    • Export FormatsAll
    • Data Publishing5 links
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I try Fulcrum before I purchase a plan? Yes. We offer a free 30-day trial for you to see if Fulcrum fits your needs before you decide to purchase. Start your FREE Trial.
  • Will my monthly/annual plan be renewed automatically? Yes, your subscription will automatically be renewed until you let us know that you'd like to change your plan or cancel your account.
  • Can our data collectors share username and passwords on multiple devices? User accounts should not be shared with multiple individuals and only one device should be used to collect data per day.
  • How do I change my subscription plan? If you'd like to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you can find these settings in your account's subscription settings page.
  • Can I purchase additional storage? Yes, we offer additional storage in blocks of 20 GB for $20/month each.
  • Can I cancel my account at any time? You can cancel your account at any time and you will not be charged for the next month. If you decide to cancel, it is best to export your data, as we do not keep your data stored after you cancel your plan.

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Full Feature List

Essentials Standard Professional
Unlimited AppsNo cap on the number of custom apps you can create. check icon check icon check icon
Unlimited RecordsNo cap on the number of records you can collect. check icon check icon check icon
Export Data FormatsCSV, Excel, Geodatabase, Shapefile, SpatiaLite, SQLite, PostGIS, KML, & GeoJSON check icon check icon check icon
Works OfflineLeverage the internet when available or go fully offline when necessary. check icon check icon check icon
Drag and Drop App BuilderRapidly build complex forms without ever leaving the browser or having to write a single line of code. check icon check icon check icon
Dynamic Requirement & Visibility LogicSetup complex logic conditions to determine when fields are required or hidden based on the values of other fields. check icon check icon check icon
Group Records By ProjectGroup, filter, and sort records by project tags. check icon check icon check icon
Photo CaptureCapture photos with the camera and add caption. check icon check icon check icon
Calculated FieldsCalculated fields allow you to write simple expressions to calculate values dynamically based on input given to other fields in your apps. check icon check icon check icon
Data ImporterUse the Import Wizard to import a csv or shapefile. check icon check icon check icon
Custom Online & Offline MapsUse any avaiable map tile server or build your own .mbtiles map packages for offline map layers. check icon check icon check icon
PDF ReportsCreate PDF reports from your records while on the go. check icon check icon check icon
Record Assignment & DispatchAssign records to individual users to limit data access. check icon check icon check icon
Define Custom Security RolesCreate your own roles and configure the permissions you want for your account’s users. check icon check icon
Repeatable Fields (Parent-Child Records)Use Repeatable Fields to create complex data relationships. check icon check icon
Signature CaptureAllows users to capture signatures right from the mobile device, then have that signature stamped onto the generated PDF document. check icon check icon
Access to Developer APIUse the developer API to build custom tools and integrations. check icon check icon
Real-time Activity FeedView activity events in real-time from your users, including data collected from the field as-it-happens. check icon check icon
Automated Conflict PreventionWhen different users make changes to the same records, our intelligent conflict prevention will assemble all of the versions together and eliminate conflicts. This is essential for multi-user collection scenarios and works across all devices and platforms. check icon check icon
Record LinkingSelect data from other apps to populate fields on your form. Create dynamic pick lists. check icon
Export Full HistoryExport previous version history for your data. check icon
Barcode & QR Code ScanningAdd a barcode field to your app and mobile users can scan barcodes and QR codes using their iPhone or Android device camera. check icon
WebhooksReceive real-time push notifications of changes to your data. check icon
Data EventsBuild custom workflow logic by performing specific actions when certain ​events​​ are triggered. check icon
Geotagged Video & Audio CaptureCapture video while also capturing GPS data and phone orientation while recording. check icon
Full Record HistoryAccess a complete historical record of your data, allowing you to see how your data changes over time, field-by-field. check icon
Batch PDF Report GenerationEnable the creation of PDF reports for each record during the export process. check icon
Media StorageMedia storage includes photos, audio, video, and signatures associated with Fulcrum records. 10GB 20GB 30GB
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