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Professional Services

Let the experts at Fulcrum help you improve your data collection process. From initial onboarding and setup to custom report templates to user training and beyond, these packages will greatly enhance your usage of Fulcrum and turn inefficiencies into strengths.

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Custom Reports

Email reports to your customer straight from the field -- no more going back to the office to crunch data.

  • Add your corporate logo to brand your reports for your customers
  • Personalize reports with headers, footers, cover pages, and more
  • Customize layout and styling to match your brand guidelines
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Complex Form Building

We help you build complex custom forms that collect, store, and present your data exactly the way you want it.

  • Conditional logic dynamically shows or hides fields based on values entered in other fields
  • Data events automate actions such as custom alerts when certain events are triggered
  • Calculate values dynamically based on data input

Setup + Deployment Packages

Get up and running in no time with our onboarding packages.

  • Let us handle user provisioning and account configuration, including custom role development and app permissioning
  • Setup the best workflow for your project requirements with up to 3 hours of dedicated support time with our engineers
  • Receive custom report branding for up to 2 apps (business name & logo)
  • Ensure API functionality with professional review and support
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Integrations Services (Standard & Enterprise)

Optimize your workflow to squeeze the most value out of Fulcrum.

  • Build the most effective apps with the help of our specialists
  • Enhance your scripting and automation
  • Learn best practices to create efficient data workflows
  • Set up a synchronized database of your Fulcrum projects on your own server (Fulcrum Desktop)
  • Give our engineers your data and they import it into Fulcrum for you with proper geocoding and formatting
  • Leverage your data to the fullest potential with business intelligence and data analysis/visualization tools
  • Onboarding Packages to do the setup for you


Increase your proficiency and empower your teams to work smarter. Get the most out of Fulcrum and your data collection!

  • Mobile app training for field employees on usage, iOS or Android
  • Management training for administrators in Fulcrum’s App Builder and Editor
  • Data management techniques
  • Dedicated webinars for up to 25 people (standard package)
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