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The Fulcrum Focus

Stay in the know with thought leadership, product updates, and latest news on field inspection and data collection topics.

Location intelligence for smarter field inspections

You may know that Fulcrum is the only field inspection platform that automatically delivers location information with every inspection, every data point, every task, and every issue. But how does Fulcrum’s geolocation capability play out over different titles and job functions? We’ve explored just that in our new infographic, Location Intelligence for Smarter Field Inspections. […]

Fulcrum for Data Collection: Part I – Companies

While at Fulcrum we often talk about inspections, what about the clients who use software not strictly for inspections, but for collecting data in the field? In the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some examples of clients whose use case doesn’t fit the mold of field inspections, and how they use Fulcrum to collect […]

Thanksgiving Safety (or, it’s all fun and games until someone burns the house down)

It’s the time of year when:  it’s dark when you leave for work. . . and when you get out of work your Halloween pumpkins are rotting memories that no one is willing to touch long enough to throw out, and holiday music is a non-stop fixture whenever you venture out of the house In […]

Osmose Utilities Services selects Fulcrum to automate pole assessments

When the leading provider of mobile inspection services for utilities makes the switch from the incumbent – its proprietary, in-house software for pole assessments and field inspections – to an outside vendor, it’s a big deal. Osmose Utilities Services Company has done just that, swapping out its homegrown mobile pole inspections and evaluations application to […]

Make your EHS program more productive and efficient with digital field inspections

Environmental, health, and safety inspections (EHS) are one of the most effective measures to identify, prevent, and remediate threats to employee and public safety, quality work, and overall business operations. Potentially dangerous conditions, if undetected, can lead to workplace or public injury, illness, or fatality, but also extend beyond the worker to include property damage, […]

Fulcrum enters definitive Commercial Provider agreement with Esri

Great news! Fulcrum has entered a definitive Commercial Provider agreement with Esri™ to build on the Esri technology stack. What does that mean? Let’s break it down. Fulcrum commercial provider agreement with Esri You already know that Fulcrum is the leading solution for field inspections and data collection, particularly when location capabilities are critical. And […]

Field safety inspection software is the foundation of an effective safety management program

With unsafe working conditions causing thousands of workers deaths and injuries each year, alongside tens of thousands of safety violations, workplaces are rightfully regulated. For a wide range of industries, safety inspections are the frontline tool that make jobs, workers, and sites safer, as well as prevent OSHA fines, lawsuits, and even corporate criminal prosecutions. […]

Four reasons why “not a good time” is the BEST time to switch to data collection software for utility field operations

Making the switch from pen and paper to utility pole inspection software for data collection and more Have you been contemplating making the switch from pen and paper for your utility pole inspections. . . Or moving from collecting data on optical loss on fiber optic cable using a spreadsheet typed on a laptop on […]

Improve safety, quality, and consistency with digital SOPs

Ubiquitous across industries, a standard operating procedure (SOP) is a series of step-by-step instructions that help workers successfully and efficiently execute routine tasks. While incredibly useful to our everyday work, SOPs also have considerable benefits at a wider, enterprise level. Unfortunately, many companies rely on sluggish analog workflows and word-of-mouth or paper versions of SOPs […]

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