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Customer story

Organizing large-scale gas infrastructure and leak detection inspections

The Customer

Premier Utility Services

Our oil, gas, and energy customer story focuses around Premier Utility Services, a global contractor specializing in energy infrastructure. Since 2001, Premier has strived to become the leading Utility Services Company in the Industry. Premier’s experienced management team is well-versed in all areas of Utility Services, including Damage Prevention, Gas Leak Detection/Inspection, Stray Voltage Detection, Pre-storm and Post-storm Assessment and Vacuum Excavation services. Their highly trained and experienced technicians are supplied with state of the art equipment to perform any utility service needed.

Experienced teams utilizing advanced technology to keep a watchful eye on your utilities.

Est. 2001
Hauppague, NY

Fulcrum Integration

When Premier began transitioning their fieldwork operations to the Fulcrum platform, they requested technical support to help facilitate this transition. Premier was preparing for a large gas meter inspection and leak detection project in upstate New York. This project involved surveying over 3,300 miles of pipeline and the inspection of over half a million gas meters, which included a scheduling component to facilitate field visits for meters located inside buildings.

Dashboard tools on the Fulcrum API

Working Together

After a series of conference calls, Fulcrum staff spent a full day on-site at Premier’s office to review their existing forms and process workflow. We worked together to define a standard process for importing records, filtering the data, scheduling field work, and tracking inspection results. This collaboration also helped accelerate the development of several key features in Fulcrum, including hyperlink functionality.

CARTO Coupling

Since Premier was already using CARTO as part of their internal GIS, they took advantage of Fulcrum webhooks to push field data directly to CARTO. Where Fulcrum excels at mobile data collection and management, CARTO excels at dynamic data visualization and mapping. This workflow provided additional tools for querying, displaying, and exporting the data as it streamed in from the field.

Custom dashboard applications were developed using the Carto.js API to give Premier staff and their clients tools for viewing, analyzing, and updating their data. Once an inspection was scheduled by office staff, that information was immediately available to field staff on their mobile device. Project Managers and clients could access the dashboard to filter data on various fields, run standard reports, search records, and export spreadsheets.

A Revolutionary Technology

Premier is utilizing Fulcrum to push the boundaries of large scale digital data collection in the utility industry. All of their field technicians are equipped with mobile devices capable of retrieving and submitting critical information on the assets they manage. The result is a streamlined workflow that not only saves time and money, but provides more accurate results that are easily accessible to decision makers.