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Customer Stories

Learn how some of our 50,000+ users across 100+ countries use Fulcrum to transform the way they work.

Inventorying water distribution systems, installing new meters and automating billing processes

Field deployment was simple and easy to manage. Little training was necessary as the system is fairly self-explanatory with data field descriptions and prompts. Once our data was cleaned up and organized in Fulcrum, our staff commented on the speed of the system as well as the accuracy of GPS location.

City of Wyoming

Providing support during the COVID-19 pandemic using georeferenced data

The possibility of working offline and syncing when networks are available will also be vital. The environment, appearance and experience for the end user are very friendly and intuitive which will save us valuable time for training that we currently do not have.

Community Alliance of Baja California Sur

Creating a damage-assessment program in 24 hours with Fulcrum

“We could do something like this with our existing GIS platform, but we just don’t have the luxury of time to deploy such an application during this emergency period. But with Fulcrum, it’s ready to go out of the box.”
Thanaphat “Pat” Srisukwatana, Public Works and Planning IT Manager
Fresno County Public Works and Planning

Clearing landmines in countries recovering from conflict

The simplicity of setting up Fulcrum apps and exporting and analyzing the results means HALO has been able to conduct one-off studies such as a recent survey to assess the effectiveness of risk education campaigns, which would previously have been too resource-intensive.

HALO Trust

Using Fulcrum to help government councils manage their assets and track maintenance teams on the ground

"We save a lot of time not having to go back and do data entry on the desktop after a long day in the field. And along with time-saving is cost-saving."
Louis Pienaar, Senior Manager of Infrastructure Asset Management
Mubesko Africa

Digital defensible space inspections for wildfire prevention – Santa Barbara County Fire Dept.

“It really made it so maybe you were able to do three inspections a day and now you can do 20 inspections a day. A lot of that just comes from the simplification of the inspection form and the default auto-population. It really saved a lot of time for the inspectors out in the field.”
Matt Marsh, GIS Analyst
Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Mapping and collecting census data on five American Indian reservations

The most impressive thing about Fulcrum was the support we received from the staff at Fulcrum. Whether it was a general question about how to use the app, an issue encountered, or a feature request, the staff were always available and eager to help.

Village Earth