Mobile Data Collection for the Telecom Industry


The leading mobile data collection platform is now in the palm of your hand. Fulcrum allows you to quickly deploy customizable forms to the field for inspecting utility poles, testing fiber optic cables, and much more.

No connection, no problem.

Our adaptive mobile platform works 100% offline. Gather data in remote locations where no wireless network is available, and still use all of our mobile features.

Easy Safety Management .

Issues shared in real time. Give management the data they need to make smart decisions. Identify safety concerns before they become a problem.

Geotagged photos and videos.

This outstanding capability lets linemen complete their work in a fraction of the time using GPS-tracked photos, audio, and video, leading to quicker data collection time and more detail for higher levels of quality control.

Instant Quality Control.

Instant syncing means instant quality assurance from the field to the office. Fulcrum empowers you to cross check work as it’s completed, tightening up timelines and completing jobs faster than ever before.

With Fulcrum, companies in the telecom industry are able to increase their rate of productivity while maintaining a lean and flexible workforce.


One of the largest multi-utility contractors in New Zealand, with a reputation for excellence and innovation.

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Accurate Data with Fewer People

Before Fulcrum, Northpower used Windows mobile-based phones with an ArcGIS forms solution to capture inspection results. Paper-based maps were used to log and navigate to each pillar to conduct inspections. Now Fulcrum allows Northpower to get more done with better accuracy and fewer people.


Experienced teams utilizing advanced technology to keep a watchful eye on your utilities.

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Save Time & Money With A Streamlined Workflow

Premier is using Fulcrum to push the boundaries of large scale data collection in the utilities industry. All of Premier's field technicians are equipped with mobile devices capable of retrieving & submitting critical information on the assets they manage. The result is a streamlined workflow that saves time and money, and provides more accurate results that are easily accessible to decision makers.

Ram Utilities

Inspections and workforce management for the electrical utilities sector.

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Work in Remote Locations With Ease

The easy-to-use offline accessible maps and record storage allows for quick deployment of map packages and data collection in the most remote rural locations. Using the Fulcrum API, RAM also generates customized status reports, which allow their managers to track progress, and incentivizes the staff to meet productivity goals.

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