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Featured Field Data
Collection & Low-Code Apps

Select from fully customizable templates designed to help you streamline data collection, automate workflows, and boost efficiency.

Gas Leak Survey

Log detected leaks on gas mains, valves, and service points with the Gas Leak Survey app — track leaks, detection equipment, findings, and repairs needed

General open pit/quarry inspection

Use this mine safety operations checklist to ensure safety protocols are in place and your work site is free from hazards that could endanger workers.

Generator Maintenance Checklist

Conduct regular maintenance inspections on your generators to ensure proper function of the unit, address fuel problems, and save cost in the long run.

Geospatial Calculations With Turf & TopoJSON

Demonstrating how the Turf & TopoJSON JavaScript libraries can be used for geospatial calculations within Fulcrum.

GIS Projections App

An app to demonstrate embedding proj4js in calculation fields to display record locations in custom GIS projections.

Gopher Tortoise Survey

Map locations of tortoise burrows for environmental protection easily with our Gopher Tortoise survey app - Mark burrows, take photos, & plot GPS points

GPS Field Testing

Test GPS accuracy and precision with our GPS Field Testing app - Mark GPS points for later groundtruthing and analysis

GPS Logger App

Record GPS logs from the GPSLogger for Android app.

Graffiti Mapping App

Document and study graffiti, track gang tags, or keep a record of graffiti removal with our Graffiti Mapping app - Plot locations, take photos, and more

Groundwater Sampling Form

Conduct regular groundwater samples where it is extracted for a variety of uses to ensure proper quantitative and qualitative parameters are tested.

Hand Hygiene Evaluation Checklist

Use this mobile checklist to evaluate the implementation of the following strategies for improving hand hygiene.

Handicapped Accessibility

Capture wheelchair accessibility and other ADA issues by location with our Handicapped Accessibility App - Take notes, drop GPS points, and much more!

Harmful Algae Bloom Survey

Document red tide conditions by collecting water samples, site information, and fish kill counts with our Harmful Algae Bloom Survey app.

Harvest Declaration Form

Keep a detailed record of your harvest using this form - know the how much was harvested, warehoused, retained for seed, or sold each season.

Hazard Reporting App

Get everyone at your organization to report hazardous conditions in the workplace. Make safety a priority throughout your operation and reduce accidents.

Hazardous Tree Report App

Use this Hazardous Tree Report App to collect data about damaged trees that may need removal. Take geotagged pictures and annotate them within the app!

Hazardous Waste Inspection

Conduct a hazardous waste inspection to ensure proper management of waste from cradle to grave and protect human health and the environment.

Health Inspection Checklist

Health Inspection Checklist for logging health code infractions in food service — food storage, safety practices, waste disposal, and staff procedures

Heating and Cooling Service Form

Never have to input client information into Quickbooks or databases with the on-the-go Fulcrum app

Heating Oil Tank Inspection Checklist

Conduct an inspection of heating oil tanks to identify and report any defects in heating oil tanks, oil piping, and other storage tank system components.

Heavy Equipment Inspection App

Inspect heavy equipment faster than ever before with our Heavy Equipment Inspection app for Android and iOS - Take photos, GPS points, and much more

Height Safety Inspection Checklist

Reduce the hazards of working heights by conducting a thorough height safety inspection at your workplace.

Herbicide Application (Apples)

Keep detailed records on your mobile device about which herbicides have been applied to your apple orchard or crop.

High Voltage Condition Assessment

Conduct advanced condition assessments of high voltage power cables and electrical equipment to guarantee the safety and quality of electrical circuits.

Historic Building Survey App

Survey historic structures for preservation & urban analysis easily with our Historic Building Survey app - plot locations, conduct walkthroughs & more!

HOA Asset Report

Conduct a quick asset inventory throughout the entire neighborhood, submit maintenance requests with property managers and check on status.

HOA Resident Directory

Keep a directory at your fingertips of everyone in the community. Quickly look up past issue with neighbors and catalog issues for Property Manager.

Home and Business Wireless Install Site Survey

Perform a site survey for homes and businesses to ensure your clients a seamless wireless integration and connection.

Home Inventory App

Use our Home Inventory app to quickly collect information about all of the important items in your home for insurance or tracking purposes.

Home Water Quality Survey

Neighborhood survey to discover and track water habits and personal usage of water.

Hurricane Evacuation Route Sign Inspection

Inspect and document damage to hurricane evacuation route signage.

HVAC Inspection Checklist App

With the Fulcrum HVAC Inspection Checklist app, you can take measurements, document issues with photo and video, and build custom reports instantly!

Hydrant Flow Testing Form

Conduct hydrant flow testing on all hydrants within development areas to ensure proper function and conformance to testing and maintenance guidelines.

Incident Report Form

Use this form to report accidents, injuries, medical situations, or behavior incidents. Keep management and HR immediately updated of incidents.

Individual Assistance PDA – Earthquake

Conduct a rapid damage assessment using FEMA's earthquake classification with our Earthquake PDA app - take photos, videos, and share findings in real time

Individual Assistance PDA – Fire

Rapidly conduct a damage assessment using FEMA's fire classification with our Fire PDA app. Take photos and videos, and share findings in real time.
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