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Featured Field Data
Collection & Low-Code Apps

Select from fully customizable templates designed to help you streamline data collection, automate workflows, and boost efficiency.

Employee and visitor screening checklist

Use this checklist to screen all individuals entering your workplace for COVID-19 symptoms and to ensure they are practicing proper personal hygiene.

Employee COVID-19 Safety Checklist

Use this employee safety checklist to self-report COVID-19 symptoms to prevent Coronavirus infection and keep your staff and customers safe.

Employer Checklist for Re-opening

Provide guidance to your employees to open a safe, efficient, and legally compliant manner.

Energy Meter Audit Form

Conduct energy audits using this simple form for small residences to commercial properties to obtain adequate knowledge of energy consumption activities.

Environment of Care Documentation Checklist

A checklist that follows the AHA standards to conduct an environment of care inspections.

Equipment Inventory App

Take inventory of physical equipment and track the location of hard assets with our Equipment Inventory app - Fully customizable and easy to use!

Equipment Inventory Form

Track costly tools and heavy equipment on job sites with this equipment inventory form app — track location, conditions, missing equipment, and more

Erosion Control Inspection App

Conduct erosion control (ESC) inspections quickly and easily with our Erosion Control Equipment Inspection app. Take notes and photos, even offline.

Estimates (Fencing)

Create a fast estimate for fencing work with our Fencing Estimation app - measure and calculate perimeters easily and quickly estimate cost!

Evacuee Information

Document information about individuals displaced by a hurricane, flood, or other natural disaster with our Evacuee Information app

Excavation Permit Inspection Checklist

Conduct a permit inspection prior to any excavation project within the public right-of-way to ensure compliance with local and state law.

Exit Polling App

Capture demographics and poll data from likely voters in the Election with our Election Polling App

EXIT Sign and Emergency Lighting Inspection

Make sure you are OSHA/NFPA compliant with this inspection app. Keep records stored in the cloud, available at all times. Monitor all inspections remotely.

Expense Report App

Generate expense reports quickly and easily with our Expense Report app - Capture the expense, type, & amount and automatically generate a PDF report!

Expense Report App v2

Quickly & easily generate expense reports with our Expense Reporting app - Take photos of your receipts, enter prices, & your PDF expense report is ready!

Faulty Network Billing Checklist

Telecom billing systems are complex and may be difficult to handle manually - Use this checklist to clarify and verify billing tasks for the next service.

Fiber Optic Cabling App

Keep detailed measurements of installed optical fiber used in your telecommunication network designs using this Fiber Optic Cabling app.

Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing App

Test your optical cables throughout the procurement and installation process using this Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing app to troubleshoot any defects.

Fiber Ready Scoping App

Use this scoping app to ensure that your residential construction or remodeling will provide adaptability for a fiber ready home or environment.

Field Inspection Report

Conduct field inspections to verify seed origin, record the field's cropping history, check freedom from all impurities, and more.

Field Journalism Report

Gather important details from events as they happen with our Field Journalism app - Make notes, take photos & videos, and plot GPS locations easily

Field Reporting App

This form or app provides all the necessary field types available by Fulcrum. It can be for testing or demonstration to leadership. Just install and sync.

Fire Door Inspection

Fire-rated doors are an important component of your building's fire protection system. Annual fire door inspection is a required, this app makes it easy.

Fire Engine Check

Keep your fire and emergency vehicles inline with OSHA standards and maintain records with your entire team from your smartphone.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Record NFPA 10 compliant monthly inspections and multi-year maintenance data. Immediately see inspections remotely from your team of inspectors.

Fire Hydrant Inventory

Use this Fire Hydrant Inventory app to inspect & log the location and condition of fire hydrants. Make notes, take photos and more, even offline.

Fire Protection Inspection

Conduct fire inspections quickly and easily with our Fire Inspection app — document issues and hazards with photo, video, GPS points, and annotations

Fire Safety Inspection

Identify hazards, deficiencies, or dangerous conditions in buildings with this Fire Safety Inspection app

Fish Kill Report

Track fish kill information including species and location with our easy-to-use Fish Kill Reporting app - Take notes, plot points, and share maps easily!

Fish Passage Barrier Assessment Reporting App

Conduct assessments on fish passage conditions to inform remediation, floodgate management, and aquatic conservation.

Fitness Center Safety & Maintenance Checklist

Keep all of your fitness facilities in working order with this maintenance checklist. Ensure the safest possible environment for customers and trainers.

Fleet Maintenance Records App

This Fleet Maintenance App can be used to keep track of maintenance records for your vehicles. Document which vehicles are serviced and when, even offline.

Food Service Health and Safety

Inspect food services locations for safety and compliance.

Forklift Operator’s Daily Checklist

Run through this forklift operator's daily checklist to ensure your electric or gas/LPG forklift is functioning properly to avoid injury and accidents.

Four Point Home Inspection

Conduct general inspections of home electrical, roof, plumbing, and heating systems quickly with our Four Point Home Inspection app

Fuel Station Inspection

Inspect fueling and service stations for safety and proper waste management.
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