Construction Tech Review Magazine, a leading peer-to-peer resource for information and insights from the construction industry, has recognized Fulcrum as a Top Provider of Safety and Compliance Solutions!

Top Safety and Compliance Solution Providers - Fulcrum

Our platform empowers construction and civil engineering firms to maintain robust, data-driven safety programs that help them protect their workforces and keep their EMRs low.

With Fulcrum, workers can conduct site safety inspections and report dangerous conditions with the mobile device they’re already carrying and share that data in real time. This enables safety managers to respond to hazards quickly and efficiently, as well as visualize trends to uncover recurring or systemic problems that can be addressed with training.

And because Fulcrum users can create an unlimited number of apps — all without coding — organizations also leverage our data collection and workflow automation platform for building inspections, asset management, stormwater pollution prevention and more. It’s truly a one-stop mobile solution for construction firms!

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Fulcrum is a field inspection management platform built to streamline safety and quality processes, field operations, and asset inspections, especially for mobile teams.

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