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Featured Field Data
Collection & Low-Code Apps

Select from fully customizable templates designed to help you streamline data collection, automate workflows, and boost efficiency.

Height Safety Inspection Checklist

Reduce the hazards of working heights by conducting a thorough height safety inspection at your workplace.

HVAC Inspection Checklist App

With the Fulcrum HVAC Inspection Checklist app, you can take measurements, document issues with photo and video, and build custom reports instantly!

Indoor Air Quality Checklist

The performance of hazard surveillance rounds, as it relates to indoor air quality (IAQ), provides a key opportunity to identify IAQ issues.

Job Estimation App

Estimate job costs & create work orders with our Job Estimation App. Project costs, plot locations, take notes & create custom PDFs with a mobile device.

Job Hazard Analysis App

Use this customizable app template to conduct a job hazard analysis at any type of worksite.

Job Safety Analysis Template

Use this template to conduct job safety analysis or job hazard analysis on any Android or iOS device to protect employees and your business.

LEED checklist app for commercial interiors

Use this LEED checklist to ensure compliance with the green building council's standards and regulations for commercial building interiors.

Lockout/tagout procedure checklist app

Use this lockout/tagout form (LOTO) before any service or maintenance work on equipment or machinery, or before entry into hazardous areas.

Masonry Job Site Safety Inspection

Conduct regular masonry job site safety inspections with this app to prevent accidents. Keep workers safe and ensure compliance and documentation.

Office Health & Safety Audit Form

Conduct an audit of the office to ensure compliance with office health and safety regulations and codes.

Pit and Impoundment Inspection Checklist

Conduct an inspection to document and verify the safety and structural integrity of the pits and impoundments.

Plumbing Inspection

Conduct plumbing inspections faster and easier than before with our Plumbing Inspection app - Thoroughly document issues with photos, video, & GPS points.

Plumbing Work Order Form

Deploy this plumbing work order form anywhere, any time to your field teams to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction and reduce re-work.

Pressure System Test Form

Document the results of hydrostatic or pneumatic pressure systems to investigate pipeline reliability, maximum capacity, leaks, pressure, and more.

Project Risk Assessment App Template

Use this template to identify hazardous activities with the potential to cause harm in the workplace.

Pump Operator Evaluation Form

Complete a thorough evaluation of your pumping system to ensure all pumps are employed properly for manufacturing and industrial practices.

Record of Inspection For Structural Steel Works

Verify that steel fabrication is performed in accordance with approved welding procedures and keep details on record.

Retaining Wall Structural Inspection

Conduct a structural inspection of retaining walls to prevent structural failures, minimize cost, and ensure public safety.

Right-of-Way Encroachment

Record encroachments into the right-of-way along road and railways, transmission lines, or pipelines

Road Surface Inspection

Easily document road surface damage with our Road Surface Inspection app. Take photos, plot GPS points of damaged roadways create a damage report.

Roof Condition Certification Form

Conduct insurance inspections on properties to verify the condition or recent status of the roof of homes with our Roof Condition Certification app

Roof Inspection App

Easily identify and report roofing issues in need of repair with our Roofing Inspection App. Take photos, videos, and quickly share notes with clients.

Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Inspection Checklist

Ensure installed rooftop solar systems are installed correctly and meet quality and efficiency in the permitting process.

Safety Observation App Template

Use this template to report unsafe behavior or conditions on a job site, or to recognize an employee who is following safety protocols.

Safety Site Inspection Checklist App

Make sure your job site is OSHA compliant and keep your workers out of harm's way with this Site Safety Inspection Checklist App.

Scope of Work App Template

Use this Scope of Work (SOW) app to outline all the work agreed to be performed as part of a contract or subcontract.

Sign Gantry Structural Inspection

Conduct sign gantry inspections using this mobile form and collect valuable data such as gantry location, conditions, measurements, and more.

Site Safety Inspection Checklist

Easily report hazards & safety concerns during construction site visits with our Site Safety Inspection Checklist app — including annotated photos

Smoke Detector Inspection App

Make sure your smoke alarms are in proper working order with our Smoke Detector Inspection App - Take notes and photos, plot detector locations, and more!

Stormwater Inventory

Track an inventory of stormwater control structures and equipment — track by asset tag and location, report visible issues to maintenance, and log repairs

Structural Observation Report Form

Conduct a visual observation of the building inspection to ensure conformance with the general specifications of approved construction documents.

Submersible Pump Maintenance Report App

Conduct regular submersible pump maintenance efforts to ensure compliance with manufacturer and warranty requirements.

Tailboard Briefing Checklist

Conduct a job briefing or tailboard before each job operation or shift to cover all associated hazards, work procedures, safety precautions, and more.

Toolbox Talks

Keep a record of toolbox talk topics, discussion notes, and attendees with our customizable Toolbox Talk App.

Traffic Control Audit Form

Conduct an audit on temporary traffic control for your construction project to ensure the safety of vehicles, pedestrians, workers, and equipment.

Wash Station Inspection Checklist

Conduct safety inspections for the emergency wash stations at your construction site to ensure they are safe to use in case of accidental hazards.
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