Drive business optimization with unique data-driven insights.

Your inspection data can enhance productivity while leading to better safety and quality compliance and outcomes.

Get the data you need.

Create digital apps that collect precisely the data you need to understand your safety and inspections processes.

Make it interoperable.

Store and serve structured data in open standard formats that are useful for typical and specialized geospatial applications alike.

Make it available.

Provide access to data views to connect AI algorithms, analytical platforms, and visualization tools.

Get to the points.

Use map embeds and Esri ArcGIS™ integration to understand how location affects your organization's inspections.

Tailor reports for different needs.

Without writing code, create different versions of your reports to suit user needs. Add cover pages and images. Provide street, satellite, or hybrid maps. Hide sensitive fields to anonymize reports for external stakeholders. Include or suppress metadata, such as record creator, location, and project. And for really sophisticated needs, talk to us about Advanced Reports.

Extract unique data to analyze.

Leverage automatic record and photo geotagging to track when and where your inspectors captured critical information. Import map layers from Esri™ or other sources to establish location context for data collectors.

Use geospatial formats for GIS interoperability.

Share data views using Feature Services, Shapefile, GeoJSON, GeoPackage, KML, JSON, and CSV to ensure that your geographic context is accounted for in every type of analytics, including AI and machine learning. Interoperate directly with desktop tools like ArcGIS and QGIS or web tools like CARTO and Mapbox.

Share data securely and easily.

Filter views, eliminate non-essential data fields, and anonymize as needed for your analyst or customer. Share URLs that provide exactly the right data set to users. Generate data and reports for business users, customers, stakeholders, and compliance officers.

Surface unique location-based insights.

View data from individual records or record sets on a map. Provide maps that can be embedded on web pages and in applications. Help users visualize the geographic context of your data to make better decisions.


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