Fulcrum’s field inspection management platform ensures safer, higher-quality, and more fully compliant outcomes.

With Fulcrum, non-technical users can automate inspection processes in minutes, using seamless, end-to-end workflows that enable consistent, measurable, and repeatable processes.

Digitize inspection processes.

Simplify field inspections with easy-to-use checklists, team-wide issue and task management, and fully customizable inspection processes that can be built in minutes.

Checklists that go where you go

Ditch pen and paper for easy-to-create, easy-to-use digital field inspection processes that collect, store, and correlate data, photos, video, and other multimedia – even offline.

Out-of-the-box and one-of-a-kind

Build a one-size-fits-you inspection process, whether you want to use our out-of-the-box checklist functionality or to easily create sophisticated inspections from scratch.

See the big picture

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your operations with single-pane-of-glass issue and task management, complete with end-to-end activity, execution, performance, and compliance tracking, as well as geolocated data for real-time analysis of location information.
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Drive intelligent automation for inspection teams.

Streamline inspection processes on Day 1 with easily configurable workflows, task templates, and safety and quality process validation via an out-of-the-box issue management framework.

Collaborate at scale

Scale effortlessly when needed – no growing pains allowed, and no waiting for your field inspection to catch up.

Stay one step ahead

Launch an inspection process for an entire team in minutes, then collaborate on checklists, processes, and workflow versions as needed to quickly adapt.

Get smart

Deploy lightly configurable intelligent automation to align workers with field inspection tasks — and align managers with the field inspection workers — from Day 1.
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Enable data-driven reporting and analytics.

Promote organization-wide improvement using actionable insights from real-time reports, performance dashboards, and location-aware analytics.

Eliminate guesswork

Boost your decision-making acumen with automatic reporting, performance dashboards that deliver real-time visibility into field operations, and actionable analytics.

Go with the flow

Improve performance, routing, and workflows with reports automatically created in the field. Send critical information and reports by email, text, webhooks, or APIs to people and systems that need it.

Get geographical

Empower your field staff with preloaded maps while you make the most of built-in consistent, timely, and high-quality location intelligence to guide your business decisions.
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