Digitize data capture, deploy no-code mobile apps, deliver field workflow automation, and drive data-centric insights.

Use the Fulcrum no-code mobile inspections platform to safeguard people, property, and projects.

Digitize mobile data collection.

Fulcrum replaces paper, spreadsheets, and fillable PDF with no-code iPhone, Android, and tablet apps.

Collect rich data.

Easy-to-use apps enable you to collect, store, and correlate more types of data than ever before, including pictures, video, audio, and signatures – without carrying additional devices.

Eliminate errors, even offline.

Fulcrum uses the industry’s best offline collection and data synchronization capability to capture data digitally and eliminate transcription errors.

Leverage geospatial data.

Fulcrum provides second-to-none geospatial data collection capabilities, including custom map layers, offline layers, and automatic geotagging.
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Deploy new forms, apps, and reports—without code.

You don’t need developers to create data-driven mobile inspection processes — including forms, if-then rules, email and text alerts, and dynamic workflows.

Adapt faster.

Push new apps to your users’ mobile devices in seconds, so you can add inspection items and keep up to date with standards across your entire team.

Get inspection results faster.

Fulcrum cuts processing times from weeks to minutes by going automatically from data collection to inspection reporting with no intermediate steps.

Obtain high-tech benefits without IT backlog.

Fulcrum leverages the cloud for easy and continuous deployment, updating everyone without paper or desktop sync issues – without installing any desktop software.
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Deliver field workflow automation.

Streamline your mobile inspection program by automating data-driven processes.

Optimize workflows.

Fulcrum helps you create and continually optimize workflows, simply and visually — without programming.

Keep the field in sync.

Deploy new app and workflow versions easily for continuous process improvement in the field, including changing safety standards and inspection requirements.

Streamline work order processing.

Fulcrum helps you assess work requirements and match available resources to current work orders.
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Drive business optimization with unique geospatial and AI-based insights.

Improve field performance, routing, and other workflows with richly formatted, easily shared data and reports.

Turn locations into insights.

Incorporate automatic geotagging and deliver location intelligence natively with all records and reports.

Share rich data easily.

Fulcrum provides multiple secure ways to share your safety and inspection data with stakeholders, employees, and teammates.

Better data-driven insights.

Fulcrum makes it easier than ever to help employees and customers leverage inspection data to make better decisions.
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