Fulcrum for Quality Assurance and Control

Drive high levels of quality without being a drag on business processes.

Digitize mobile data collection

Use phones or tablets to quickly, efficiently, and consistently conduct quality inspections that capture photos, video, and signatures – even without cell or WiFi coverage.

Deploy efficiently and without code

Skip the IT backlog. Without code or programmers, you can create new QA checklists, apps, and reports and deploy them to your teams remotely.

Deliver field workflow automation

Fulcrum lets non-developers create remediation notifications and automate workflows that reduce friction in the quality inspection process.

Drive business optimization

Use insights generated from your work – including geospatial insights unique to Fulcrum – to show management the impact QA has on the business.

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Optimize operations

Fulcrum’s mobile apps focus employees on specific steps and data they need to implement your process improvements.

Embrace flexibility

Fulcrum’s no-code approach enables you to adapt to changing circumstances with very little friction, including:

  • New equipment or instructions
  • Updated quality standards
  • New alerting requirements

Move to real-time

As your team executes its mission, Fulcrum syncs their data to keep you up to date at every moment. It can also feed other applications, such as ArcGIS™, for even richer location intelligence.

Improve communication

Better no-code mobile apps and workflows will help you improve communications up and down your reporting chain, such as:

  • New procedures for the team
  • Better, faster reports for stakeholders
  • Cleaner data for better analysis

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