Fulcrum for Safety & Health

Join the thousands who use Fulcrum to safeguard employees and customers.

Digitize mobile data collection

Use phones or tablets to quickly, efficiently, and consistently conduct safety inspections that capture photos, video, and signatures – even without cell or WiFi coverage.

Deploy efficiently and without code

Non-developers can create safety checklists and apps that everyone in your company can use – so they can all contribute to the safety of their work environment.

Deliver field workflow automation

Fulcrum lets non-developers create remediation notifications and automate workflows that reduce friction in their safety and health inspection processes.

Drive business optimization

Use insights generated from your work – including geospatial insights unique to Fulcrum – to optimize HSE procedures in your organization.

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Improve your safety culture

Easy-to-use mobile apps and workflows help make health and safety a constant, low-friction element of everyone’s workday.

Optimize processes

Fulcrum’s mobile apps help achieve safe environments as economically and with as little work disruption as possible.

Embrace flexibility

Fulcrum’s no-code approach enables you to adapt to changing circumstances quickly and without calling IT, helping you:

  • Adopt new HSE standards
  • Use new alerting requirements
  • Streamline checklists for greater ease of use

Move to real-time

As users identify issues, Fulcrum syncs their data to give you have a complete safety and health picture at every moment. It can also feed other apps, such as ArcGIS™, for even richer location intelligence.

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