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Featured Field Data
Collection & Low-Code Apps

Select from fully customizable templates designed to help you streamline data collection, automate workflows, and boost efficiency.

Air Pollution Perception Survey

Conduct a distributed air pollution perception studies with ease. Quickly gather the perception of the environmental pollutants in a specific community.

ASSP Confined Spaces Entry Permit

A confined spaces entry permit app based on the ANSI/ASSP Z117.1-2022 standard.

ASSP Survey of Job Site

A job site survey app based on Appendix A of the ANSI/ASSP A10.8-2019 standard.

Beach Sanitary Survey App

Track pollution and debris on multiple beach locations, and collect weather and sample data easily from your smartphone with our Beach Sanitary Survey app

Bee Hive Inspection Log

Keep an inventory of your bee hive locations and their condition with this Bee Hive Inspection Log app.

Bioretention Illustrated

App for inspection of bioretention facilities

Bioswale Survey

Inspect bioswale features for size, quantity of runoff captured, and any issues present that need repair or remediation

Bird Ringing Notes

Designed to capture and record bird ringing activities over a period of time. It is a perfect companion app for ornithologists and botanists.

Chemical Spill Report

Report spills ASAP to identify what chemical, biological, or physical hazards were involved and to inform appropriate corrective and preventative actions.

Conservation Easement Ground Monitoring

Get the most out of easement visits but collecting everything, the first time. Keep photos, videos, notes, GPS location, etc all in one place.

Conservation Restriction Monitoring App

Land Trustees can now document their visits with just their smartphone. See on a map or a list who needs a visit this year. Best app for Land Trusts.

Construction Site Stormwater Pollution Prevention Inspection

For construction site operators who must prepare a SWPPP in order to obtain NPDES permit coverage for their stormwater discharges.

Construction Stormwater Site Inspection Form

Check compliance with construction permit conditions and applicable regulations to ensure best management practices to protect natural resources.

Disease & Insect Report Form

Capture form information on logs, trees, and shrubs that need treatment for a disease or insect problem and easily keep a log on the status of treatment.

Erosion Control Inspection App

Conduct erosion control (ESC) inspections quickly and easily with our Erosion Control Equipment Inspection app. Take notes and photos, even offline.

Fish Kill Report

Track fish kill information including species and location with our easy-to-use Fish Kill Reporting app - Take notes, plot points, and share maps easily!

Fish Passage Barrier Assessment Reporting App

Conduct assessments on fish passage conditions to inform remediation, floodgate management, and aquatic conservation.

General open pit/quarry inspection

Use this mine safety operations checklist to ensure safety protocols are in place and your work site is free from hazards that could endanger workers.

Gopher Tortoise Survey

Map locations of tortoise burrows for environmental protection easily with our Gopher Tortoise survey app - Mark burrows, take photos, & plot GPS points

Groundwater Sampling Form

Conduct regular groundwater samples where it is extracted for a variety of uses to ensure proper quantitative and qualitative parameters are tested.

Harmful Algae Bloom Survey

Document red tide conditions by collecting water samples, site information, and fish kill counts with our Harmful Algae Bloom Survey app.

Hazardous Tree Report App

Use this Hazardous Tree Report App to collect data about damaged trees that may need removal. Take geotagged pictures and annotate them within the app!

Hazardous Waste Inspection

Conduct a hazardous waste inspection to ensure proper management of waste from cradle to grave and protect human health and the environment.

Invasive Species Monitoring

Track sightings of invasive plant species easily with our Invasive Species Monitoring app - take photos, track GPS locations for removal and reporting

ISA Basic Tree Risk Assessment Form

Understand the fundamentals of tree risk assessment as defined by the International Society of Arboriculture and conduct assessments directly on your phone

Land Cover Survey App

Classify natural land-cover types quickly and easily with our Land Cover Survey app - take photos, measurements, & plot GPS points faster than before!

Land Trust Stewardship Monitoring Inspection

Monitoring of the Land Trust fee lands is a year-round activity. Be a responsible steward and keep all digital records of properties in the cloud.

Manhole Inspection Report

Capture critical information about wastewater, sanitation, and drainage manhole structures easily with our Manhole Inspection Report App.

Mine Site Safety Inspection Checklist

Conduct a mine site safety inspection using this mobile checklist to ensure the protection of life and prevention of injuries in mines.

Mining Operations Plan Checklist

Ensure all mining activities are approved by the Mining Operations Plan requirements and ensure safety and environmental compliance.

Mining Resource Survey

Document the activity status of mines, what they produce, and much more with our Mining Resource Survey - Take photos and video, plot GPS points and more!

Mosquito Control Inspection App

Track, identify, and map mosquito breeding areas to help prevent mosquito-borne disease with our Mosquito Control Inspection App

NPDES Annual Inspection

Protect public health & aquatic life & assure that every facility properly treats wastewater by conducting an NPDES Annual Inspection with our Fulcrum app

Oil and Gas Drilling Safety Management Checklist

Follow an oil and gas drilling safety management standard checklist to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations and sustain safe drilling practices.

Oil and Gas Scouting App

Quickly scout locations for new oil & gas infrastructure with our Oil & Gas Scouting app - Take GPS points, field data & photos & share them instantly

Oil Rig Mud Pump Inspection

Inspect the safety of your rig's mud pumps with just a smartphone or tablet. Records are stored safely in the cloud and always accessible.
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